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Whether for a residential, commercial or ancestral property, the accumulation of snow and ice on your roof becomes an integral part of proper building maintenance. It is therefore advisable to do buisness with an expert in roof snow removal, in order to avoid potential hazards and prevent infiltration.

We are a competent and experienced team, and we are fully equipped to satisfy your requirements for snow and ice removal.


Snow and ice that built-up along the roof represents a real danger for people who circulate around the building. There’s a considerable risk of subsidence that could potentially hurt people located in the area. It is therefore necessary to establish a security perimeter, prior to snow removal, in order to avoid accidents.

In addition, we have the equipment needed to work safety and we use proper techniques to carry out safe snow and ice removal without damaging your roof.

Our technical support service is to assess your sealing problems and to guide your decision-making for maintenance and repair of your roof. Our expertise gives you advice for your execution plan and selection of the most suitable materials. We simplify your decision concerning to choose of materials by describing the advantages and disadvantages of installation, usage, and performance.

An evaluation of the status of your roof is essential to prevent serious damage. Our coverage assessment service involves analysis and data acquisition by a certified engineer. A budget plan including a detailed analysis, the applicable budget and recommendations is provided to you following the assessment. Our goal is to assess whether work is necessary to extend the life of your coverage and if a repair is needed. A professional evaluation of a roof is a vital management tool for a good financial planning.

This service is to make an evaluation 1-2 times a year of the performance of your roofing systems. ” Better safe than sorry.” It is essential to check the equipment on the roof (drains, vents, gutters, air conditioning unit, etc.) And check for leaks (flashing, scalants, drains, etc.).

Our management program is aimed at large institutions and real estate companies with large surface coverage. We offer an overview of the current state of your roof and we offer a maintenance and prevention program with a schedule of work to be done. With this service you are able to prevent and protect your important assets to have a better budget management.

You have any problems with your roof ? Here is what our emergency service is about.

(1) Our specialists will conduct an initial assessment with the information that you provide to them;

(2) Next, a series of tests will be conducted to identify the problem or problems. In some situations it is necessary to perform an emergency repair (temporary) and then make the permanent repair after with your prior approval.

For Commercial emergency, contact us at : 514.648.1118

For Residential emergency, contact us at : 514.250.6006

An estimate by professionals in the field is essential to accurately assess the work to be performed now and later. Our team of experienced estimators are always available to visit your facilities. An accurate assessment is made to offer competitive prices.

For projects in development, we can offer you a draft for your budget estimate. You can then evaluate the feasibility of the work according to your criteria and budget.

Serving the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential sectors, The Couvertures St-Léonard Inc. is a leader in the field of rehabilitation and / or construction of roofs. All our work is done by professionals in their respective fields to ensure a reliable and durable finished product. Our work and products are guaranteed.
Each project is carefully studied in order to properly advise clients in the selection of appropriate membranes.

• Multilayer membranes;
• Modified bitumen membranes (conventional or inverted);
• Thermoplastic membranes (T.P.O., PVC…);
• EPDM membranes;
• Green roof and LEED System;
• Craft Roofing: Slate, Cedar shingles, Copper, Steel and Galvanized pre-stained shingles, Asphalt, Terracotta tiles.

With The Couvertures St-Léonard Inc. once the work is done, you are still covered by a continuous service plan for several years and until the end of your warranty.

For more details concerning our Commercial warranty programs, please contact us at: 514.648.1118

For more details concerning our Residential warranty programs, please contact us at:  514.250.6006

Our mission is to offer you a service and a product of high quality, durable, to meet your needs while respecting your budget. With our service plan, warranty on work and materials, have peace of mind for many years.

Flexible Payment Solutions

You need to repair your roof right now and you do not have the funds? Les Couvertures St-Léonard thought of you by offering payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard and Accord D. We have flexible payment solutions to serve you better.

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