Avoid the risk of damage to your structure with our snow and ice removal service. Whether it is a shingle roof, a flat roof, a metal roof or any other type of roofing, our snow removal service follows the safety standards of the CNESST.

Whether it is a residential, commercial or ancestral property, the snow and ice removal of your roof is an integral part of the good maintenance of your building. It is advisable to
It is advisable to deal with experts in roof snow removal to avoid potential dangers and prevent infiltrations. Our competent, experienced and rigorous team will satisfy your requirements in terms of snow and ice removal.


Snow and ice that accumulate on the edge of roofs or eaves represent a real danger for people driving near buildings. There is a significant risk of subsidence which can be a source of potential accidents. It is therefore necessary to establish a safety perimeter before proceeding with snow removal.
We have the necessary equipment to work safely and we use the appropriate techniques to proceed with the snow and ice removal of your roof without damaging the surface of your roof.


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